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Spring 2020 One Room Challenge – Week 7 – Back in the Game

I’m back in the game guys! After a week of nothing getting done and no progress at all, I grabbed my paint brush and got back to work. If this is your first time here, and you would like to check out my previous posts from the challenge, click below:

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We are in week 7 of the One Room Challenge, It has been amazing to participate in this process and be able to share experiences with you and the other ORC participants.

The One Room Challenge is a neat avenue to share and support fellow remodelers on their projects and designs. It also works as a great way to spread creativity and inspiration to others, as well as an extraordinary motivation tool.

Week 7 has been great! Last week, I lacked motivation to do anything project related, so I knew that for me to get over the null of last week I needed to make some changes. My first step to feel motivated to work again on the project was simple: choose one easy thing to do and do it. Normally, if I’m able to get one task done, that gets me fired up to do more. 

I chose the water fountain. Remember the water fountain located in my mudroom? That one that looked old and tired? Well, she got the facelift that she deserved. Nothing that some good spray paint can’t fix. To achieve a more updated and sleek appearance I selected a black metal hammered look spray paint. It took me one hour to clean, prep and paint. Quick and easy. After that, I was back in the game! Fresh and motivated to get things done and finish this project strong.

Next task on my list was the ceiling. The ceiling was painted the same color as the walls, a burnt yellow. Both the bathroom and the mudroom are quite small rooms, and do not have any natural light. Having the ceiling the same color as the walls made the rooms feel even smaller and darker. A fresh coat of flat white paint did the trick. My husband worked on painting the ceiling while I went around the rooms filling the holes and imperfections on the walls that needed some putty. You know, little details that if missed make the room look frumpy. 

Once the putty was dry and sanded down, we tackled the walls. In the Edward’s household I am the paint edger, and Ryan is the roller. We got all walls painted in 3 hours. Not bad at all for these “DIY-ers”.

Wow, what a difference paint does to a room. I selected Pearly White from Sherwin-Williams in a matte finish. It’s a nice and warm shade of white. Great color for the space. The room is so much brighter and crisp looking. Just what the doctor ordered for that space. I’m super pleased of how the paint color turned out. Now, here is a Pro Style Tip:

– The design trends are moving away from the stark and cool shades. Choose colors that have warmth to it. All color hue families have cool and warm shade variations, go for the warmer tones to stay on trend. – 

The mudroom was begging for a new light fixture. It needed more light (again, for the lack of natural light). I went with a simple sputnik matte black semi-flush light fixture that has 6 lightbulbs. We went from having only one bulb to having 6. I feel like I did all I could to add more light in there, white ceiling, off-white walls and better, stronger lighting. 

Well, I guess when you work towards something rewards come your way. My reward for getting back to work on the bath and mudroom? The floor installer called us, out of the blue, saying he had an earlier opening in his schedule. Yay! Look at this beautiful tile coming to life! I’m in love!

Guys, things are coming to a completion and I could not be more excited of how it is turning out! Tune in next week check out more of our progress. 

See you then!

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