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Spring 2020 One Room Challenge – Week 6 – The Null

This is week 5 of the One Room Challenge, It has been good to participate in this process and be able to share experiences with you and the other ORC participants. If this is your first time here, and you would like to check out my previous posts from the challenge, click below:

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The One Room Challenge is a neat avenue to share and support fellow remodelers on their projects and designs. It also works as a great way to spread creativity and inspiration to others, as well as an extraordinary motivation tool.

Week 5 has been so blah! It’s been the same old same old here at the Edwards’ powder and mud room. Disappointing right? That’s exactly how I feel… super disappointed. Let me explain why.

We have been playing the waiting game. You know, the famous waiting game with the trade’s personnel that is totally out of your control and that drives you nuts! 

If there is something that this Covid-19 pandemic did for our local folks here of southwest Missouri is that everyone decided to do updates in their interiors. I guess people had to stay indoors and that made them notice all the problems with their spaces. This has brought great business for the trade professionals, but that also means that they are all busy and overbooked. 

My project fell in the waiting dance’s null. We are waiting for the tile contractor to come and install the flooring. Until then, we don’t have much to do. 

Well, to be completely honest, I could paint the walls and ceiling, but without a set date for the my tile guy to come I feel no motivation to paint. I guess this says a lot about my personality. Without a set date, without a goal in sight, nothing gets done. 

But, if there is something that this null has taught me is to be more sympathetic to my clients when they are in this type of situation. It’s much easier to brush it off when it is not you personally. But now I know how it feels, and it’s not a nice feeling. So here is my tribute to my clients that had to do the waiting dance as well: hats off to you! 

I guess most projects reach this phase. Lesson learned for me, check! 

Well, time to stop this pity party and roll up my sleeves to work. I better go paint, so at least I have something to write to you guys about next week!

See you then!

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