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Never fear the white sofa again! Premium stain protection is available through GMI Design Group!

Lexington Furniture Coventry Hills Collection
Lexington Furniture Coventry Hills Collection

Dilemma:  The best option for your space is a white slipcovered sofa, but the fear of spills and stains and dirt…especially when you’re investing in a quality piece of furniture…leads you to consider a less favored, darker fabric.

When the choice has to be made between aesthetics and functionality, functionality often wins!

I get it.  We don’t live in show houses.  We have kids and pets and guests.  Outside of wrapping our furniture or floors with plastic (DESIGNER TIP: Don’t do that!), keeping our white furniture or carpet or delicate fabrics clean may require a level of care or attention that we just aren’t willing to give!

GMI Design Group is excited to offer IntegraTect Premium Stain Treatment to clients in Southwest Missouri!

IntegraTect is a premium stain treatment that can be applied to any fabric or rug.  It will not damage or discolor even the most delicate silks, suedes and velvets.  This product will protect that fabric by penetrating through the fibers, not just by sitting on top of them like most stain repellant products.  In addition, IntegraTect offers flame retardancy and protects from UV damage, fading and mildew!

IntegreTect Comparison Chart

Imagine being able to clean your silk drapes with a simple damp washcloth.

Or, having spilled red wine bead up and wipe away with a sponge, leaving not a single mark.

Or, never having to scrub muddy footprints out of your carpet again.

IntegraTect was originally developed for the fashion industry so that expensive and one-of-a-kind  runway designs could escape damage of dirt or wear.  Brides have also been known to treat their wedding dresses to protect them from dirt on the dance floor or at an outdoor wedding.  They were able to gently hand wash the train and keep their dresses in pristine condition!  Many 4- and 5-Star hotels and Fortune 500 companies use this product in their facilities.  Now you can benefit in your own home!

This product protects fine silks, cottons, wools, leathers, suede and sisal.  Plus, it is environmentally friendly and meets the most stringent VOC requirements.

Call us at 417-512-5726, ext 3 or email us today to get an estimate on protecting your interiors!  

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