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What to do when your kid says, “I want a black bedroom.”

Is it just me?  I doubt it.  If you have a teenager…especially a teenage boy…you’ve likely had this discussion.  “You are NOT having a black bedroom.”  Like we need one more thing to associate their sleeping space with a cave.

But, I did run across these photos of black & white rooms that are sleek and modern with just enough black, but just enough white, to placate both parent and teen.  Granted, there are some things that are clearly über high-end about these rooms, but the inspiration is there for DIY aspects.

I love the use of the ceiling in the graphics. It appears that in this room, the walls are either super-high gloss paint or a plastic resin of some sort (note the reflections.) And, the "encouragement" to wake up is something we could use every day. It's simple and masculine, but not too mature.
Similar to the one above yet with a feminine twist, this one takes the graphical black/white and brings in shades of grey. While the ceiling treatment here is architectural, I think you could achieve the same effect with paint techniques. It's still black & white, but the greys make it softer and more approachable. A single color accent (pink flowers in the duvet) is all you need in a room like this.
OK! How about this for visual overload? But, I can't think of a adolescent boy who wouldn't love this room at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. The B/W Union Jack rug is amazing! And, while a little on the freaky side, the skull outline and graphical red and black elements on the walls are great fillers to replace traditional artwork. I think I'd only take the red across the ceiling though. Note the use of grey in the furniture and a pop of red in an accent.
This room at the Crosby Street Hotel in NYC is an excellent example of how to use full-on black walls and still keep it feminine and very un-cave-like. The use of lavender and black is unexpected, yet incredibly soft as the black just disappears into the background, letting the bed and furnishings take center stage. Crisp white is essential for trim, and the liberal use of reflective materials (shiny chrome, mirrors, even crushed velvet) help bounce that light all around the space. Luscious!

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