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The “we” in Gina McMurtrey Interiors

I’ve had a writing dilemma. Have you caught it?

In many, if not all, of my blog posts, Facebook status updates, and Twitter tweets (or whatever you call them…) I refer to “us” or “we” when someone talks about Gina McMurtrey Interiors. It happened this last week when I tweeted about a recent newspaper article from our local paper:


You see, for all practical purposes, I am the only person who works here.  My husband is joint owner of this operation, but his main duties are 1) helping with technical website issues, 2) general business advice, and most importantly, 3) keeping me sane during the busy times.

Yet, I still can’t seem to refer to myself in the singular when talking about what’s happening in the world of design from this studio office.

And I think I’ve figured it out…

I refer to “us” and “we” because there is a large group of people that are involved in making Gina McMurtrey Interiors a success.  From contractors and subcontractors, to specialists in tile, carpeting, paint, custom draperies and cabinetry…I have developed a strong group of support professionals with whom I work well to complete a client’s specific project.  I know that I can be secure that this vetted group of referrals will represent us well in all stages of a project, and that is such a blessing!

So, while only one person’s name is on the business card, many are behind it and THAT is the kind of team it takes to be a success.



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