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Taking Hogwarts Home: Keep the magic of Harry Potter alive


It’s over.

As the final film of this amazing series releases today, we Harry Potter fans are excited, yet sad to see magical world with it’s fanciful imagery be relegated to limited edition Blu-Ray.  Who didn’t watch as Harry moved to Hogwarts and wish that we, too, could live amongst magically suspended candles in a star-lit ceiling and those lush, warm, and castlesque rooms.

While there are no spells that we could cast that would allow objects to float or move or even come when called, we can take the environments from the movie series and interpret them in our own bedroom.  If only we had a house-elf to come and clean our room once it’s all said and done.

  1. PAINT: Warm, stone-colored walls and a deep, midnight blue ceiling give the illusion of an endless canopy.   WALLS:  Benjamin Moore Brunswick Beige 1061 CEILING: Benjamin Moore Mysterious AF-565
  2. LIGHTING: Add flickering bulbs for a more magical effect. Wine Barrel Chandelier Restoration Hardware
  3. DRAPERY:  Drape on iron poles suspended from the ceiling around the bed for a luxurious canopy. Red Velvet Panels (96″)
  4. TAPESTY WALL HANGING: Though this hanging is not very big (2’4” x 2’8”), a medieval tapestry is what all the stylish Hogwarts rooms are wearing. Unicorn Desire (I’m serious!)
  5. BEDDING: Layer bed with a down-filled duvet in traditional patterns, such as damask, and mix up the ornate pillows.
  6. LEATHER-BOUND BOOKS (Antique or Reproduction): Scatter through the room.  Whether they match or not is irrelevant. eBay
  7. WOOD/LEATHER BENCH: Pair at the end of the bed as a nod to past kings and queens who may have visited the castle. A.M.B. Furniture
  8. PERSIAN RUG: Choose rich colors that are muted down to look like a well-worn heirloom. Cyrus I

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