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Planning Ahead For Your Outdoor & Garden Spaces–Large or Small

It may be snowy and cold now, but believe it or not, Spring will come!  With more and more people becoming conscious of the quality of food that they eat, backyard gardens have become increasingly popular.  As a matter of fact, I have several seed catalogs waiting to entice me to buy their products with brightly colored photos of fantastic fruits and vegetables.   While a garden is indeed a lot of work, I cannot wait for my daily morning and evening strolls…winding around our raised beds…excited at every little stage of its offerings as if they were my children and I was watching them grow before my eyes.

Outdoor living spaces and gardens are healthy for our mind, body and spirit.  There is something magical about being surrounded by growing, alive nature…even if its just a small back porch container garden.  Planning ahead is essential when gardening and now is the time to put together a plan for your overall outdoor garden space.


Whether you want a greenhouse for planter boxes, or simply as an outdoor meditative escape near your garden, consider that space the same way you would any room in your house.  Seating, a place to set things or do work, lighting, and ample walking paths are all things to include in your outdoor room.

  1. This beautiful antiqued-green iron conservatory is an instant focal point to your yard or garden area.  Measuring 93.8″H x 117.2″W x 97.7″D, there is plenty of room for a small table and chairs, as well as a 2’x8′ raised bed garden.  This structure is not enclosed, but consult your local nursery for options–whether it be glass, plexi, or greenhouse plastic for the colder months.
  2. Outdoor furnishings need to be suitable for the outdoors, yet reflect your style.  This antiqued iron table is sturdy, so it won’t fly away during storms, and has an ancient charm in style and finishing.  29.8″H x 25.8″W x 25.8″D
  3. No more boring outdoor seating!  This antique finished iron chair has style!  It’s curvy, sassy, and suitable for exterior rooms.  39″H x 17″W x 16.5″D
  4. Lighting is often overlooked in remote exterior rooms, especially if they are not dried in or there is no option for electricity.  This romantic floral iron candle chandelier is large scale and the ambience of candlelight and moonlight is magical.  12″H x 26″Dia. Chain 36″L

• • •


Just because you live in an apartment, condo, or small tract home with very little or no yard doesn’t mean that you can’t create you’re own garden space.  You just have to get creative!  The same principles apply to small spaces as large as far as the elements, but scale, multi-purposing, and weight…both physical and visual..come into play.

  1. This bench is minimalist, but at nearly 6 foot long and made of lightweight iron strips, it provides plenty of seating if a table & chairs is too bulky and will not weigh down an elevated patio.  The whitewash gives it plenty of personality, too!  34.3″H x 78.8″W x 22″D
  2. Planting in this raised container is great for both small areas and for those who are unable to bend over a traditional low bed.  The iron base is sturdy and strong with lots of classical appeal.  Enjoy a homegrown salad this spring, or grow an herb garden for grilling from your own back porch!  In non-growing months, add a wood or glass topper and use as a table.  23″H x 27.5″W x 16″D  52lbs
  3. Don’t forget the ambient lighting!  Hang these blown glass votive holders from plant hooks, nearby trees, or from the underside of the porch above.
  4. For plants that require deeper roots (tomatoes, peppers, etc.) use a combination of large planters.  Some plants do not grow well together, so by grouping several planters together you are to be sure they will not stunt each other’s growth.  This set of three planters are white-washed wood and iron and range from 9″H x 8″W x 8″D to 11″H x 16″W x 16″D.

(All featured items are from Barreveld and are available through Gina McMurtrey Interiors.  Please contact us for pricing and availability.)

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