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Instant Ambience

It’s snowing here in my neck of the woods, and nothing says “cozy” like watching the flurries next to an inviting fire with a cup of hot chocolate.  If your home wasn’t built with a flue or built-in gas line, you still have the ability to bring the beauty and warmth of a fireplace into your home…even if you’re renting or live in an apartment.


True, the faux flame on these electric fireplaces leaves a little to be desired, but improvements over the years have made these plug-in hearths more true-to-life.  Beautiful carved moulding and a built-in look make these appear to be the real deal.  This gorgeous Ambella fireplace even features smoldering embers, a remote control thermostat and timer.  Heaters and fans put out warmth to take the chill out of your living room or home office.

Electric fireplaces range in price from a few hundred for simple hearths to several thousands for more elaborately designed and realistic hearths.


Using ethanol or denatured alcohol (available at most hardware stores), these sleek and modern wall-mounted fireplaces would make interesting conversation pieces and focal points in a living room or bedroom.  The fuel needs no ventilation, and is odorless and smokeless, but also does not put out much heat.  The mood brought on by a true flame is unparalleled, however.

Blomus has several very contemporary versions of these bio-feuled units and (in my opinion) offer the most impressive flame.  However, they are quite pricey ($1,000+).  Other options using gel canisters are much less expensive, are attractive, yet do not feature a line of continual flame.

While nothing compares to the heat and ambience of a real wood or gas fireplace, an electric or alcohol-feuled hearth can be just what you need to get you comfortably through the cold, dark days of winter!

Contact Gina McMurtrey Interiors if you would like more information on either of these fireplace options for your home!

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