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LOVIN’ IT: Real Slate Wallpaper Tiles

If you want to make a statement with an accent wall, this is what you need!  My mind has been racing to find an application for these since I first saw this incredible new product!

Honed in India, these gorgeous slate tiles from Phillip Jeffries are super thin and flexible, so they actually bend to go around curved walls or columns.  Available in six colors, the micro thin “veneer” of real slate is reinforced by a flexible fiberglass resin backing so when applied properly with the required backing fabric, they can provide additional support for delicate walls, such as plaster.

There 2 panel sizes; 12” x 24” &  24” x 48” and six color options.


Now, where to put them…

In an office behind a desk?

On an entry wall?

Behind a headboard?

Oh, the possibilities…


Call or e-mail me for pricing and availability.

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