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DIY FRIDAY: Chevron Pattern Fan Blades

This week, Target experienced a shopping frenzy for the chevron-print of Missoni.  They sold out of all products in a matter of hours in a campaign that was intended to last for weeks.

While wall-to-wall chevron might send one to the looney bin, accents of this zig-zag pattern can be very fun in a room!  Here is a neat way to bring the print to an often overlooked  area to update:  the ceiling fan.



Materials needed:

  • frisket film
  • a computer
  • printer and paper
  • scissors
  • spray paint
  • screw driver
  • masking tape
  • spray adhesive

Download and print the chevron pattern here. Spray adhesive paper pattern onto the non-sticky side of the frisket paper and cut out zigzags. Unscrew the blades from the arms. Clean all blade surfaces. Carefully peel down a zigzag tip to expose the sticky paper. Lie down and slowly peel and stick the masking tape. Stick as many zigzags as desired. Carefully mask off the fan-blade edges and any other part of the fan blade that you do not want painted.

After all is prepared, spray paint the blades. Let them dry, peel off your masking tape and you are done! Now put your fan back together and cool off!

(source: HomeDIT)

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