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Hooo….Hooo…Who Loves Owls?

Is it just me, or has there been a huge resurgence of owls in home and fashion lately?  I’m loving it!  There’s something that rings back to my childhood in the 70’s about it, but I’m digging these birds!  Living in the country, I am privileged to see the real thing in lots of different varieties, colors and sizes.

Here are some of my favorite owl accents for the home and wardrobe:

Isn't he sweet for holding all those wet umbrellas for us? Available from Two's Company for $165.
Maurice's clothing stores has several owl necklaces, but this is my favorite. I like the off-center aspect and the use of colored beads and a multi-chain. $16 and it's BOGO!
This little guy looks sleepy! Time to turn out the light for some shut-eye. West Elm actually has several owl-inspired accessories...some abstract and some realistic. I love them all. At $79 (a steal!!!) this would make a fantastic conversation lamp.
Can you believe this is from Wal-Mart? Available on their online store only, this modern pillow is made from eco-friendly materials and dyes and is $58.

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