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The party’s not ON the dance floor…the party IS the dance floor!

Sometimes technology just amazes me.  At a continuing education meeting today, I was introduced to a product you have to see to believe.

LiquidMotion floor tiles are durable, colorful tiles that are filled with a luminescent liquid that moves when stepped on or touched.  That’s right.  It’s lava lamp-type flooring.  Super, super cool!  Check out the product in action here.

Just imagine the possibilities!  Have the sensation of walking on pool of hot lava.  Dance the night away on cool, soothing water.  Attempt to tear your children away from the preschool area at church as they try to make the floor move.

This product is made in Italy by TechDesign and B.lab Italia.  Special care needs to be taken when installing and cleaning.  This product also comes in table tops, which could make a very interesting martini bar or trendy store counter.

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