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eDECORATING Tip of the Week: Guest Bedrooms

Create an environment of a deluxe hotel for your guest bedroom.

Create an environment where your guests feel like they’re at a deluxe hotel. Place a bedside tray on a colorful napkin and top with a basket of travel-sized amenities (you know you have them!), a water glass, and a small alarm clock. On the bed, place nicely folded towels and a pretty guest soap. Nobody likes to use someone else’s soap.

Plus, for an additional dose of pampering, bring in a 4-cup coffee maker with sugar/creamer in unconventional trinket boxes. You can find a small inexpensive coffee maker at any discount store for less than $20 and often these are available at huge discounts during sales events such as Black Friday.

Your guests will love being treated so royally…you may have to have a strategy to help them leave!

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