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Great product to supplement a previous post…

These stain pens are a perfect way to repair damaged areas on furniture.

I love these stain touch-up pens! In a post earlier this month, I mentioned that a great way to get the most for your eDECORATING or interior design budget is to purchase floor samples, which sometimes can include small nicks, marks or imperfections. On a recent job, my customer saved over $1,000 by purchasing one of these items with a pretty decent sized scratch on the inside of the drawer. I used one of these pens on the damaged area, and although there is still an indention in the wood, visibly the mark has virtually disappeared. We are both very pleased with the results–both in the repair and the pocketbook! A happy client makes a happy designer.

You should keep a couple of these on hand for the next time your cat comes to a screeching halt across your desk with her claws, or if your child drops a heavy toy on the coffee table. They come in several stain colors and are only about $7.00/pen at Lowe’s or Home Depot. A quick touch-up is much easier and less expensive than purchasing new furniture.

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