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A Dose of My Own Medicine–Part I

A little over a week ago I shared a confession–that my master bedroom had zero style and that I was stumped on where to go with it.  (Again, yes, we designers sometimes get a creative block when it comes to our own house.)  So, I decided to go through the eDECORATING process with you on my own room.  Not only will this give me a plan to work from, but it will take you through how this innovative approach to interior design works.  We’ll take this journey together over the course of a couple of weeks–about the time it would take you to receive your eDECORATING plan.

Master Bedroom eDECORATING Plan--Before

Step 1–Give the Designer the Down-Low on the Room

Obviously, this is my master bedroom that I want to redecorate.  There are some good bones to the room.  It’s quite large with lots of big windows and an incredible view.  I’m satisfied with the carpet and will probably hang on to most of our furniture for a while longer.  The customer side of me took pictures of all views of the room and measured it out, including the windows, and made sure to put on my drawing the weird little angles next to the door and details like where the TV needs to stay, etc.

Step 2–Inform the Designer on Your Style Preferences via the Online Questionnaire

I’m pretty sure I know where I want to go with this room.  The style that I want to go with is a cool, serene, airy oasis where relaxation is truly the intent.  Right now, it’s beige…beige…beige.  And extremely boring.  There’s not even pictures on the walls after 6 years!  Sad.  I know where I like to shop, where I’d like to shop if I could, and what my budget is (not telling!)  All of these things will come into play when the designer part of me takes over and starts putting together the floor plan and buying guide…which I will save for Part II of this eDECORATING adventure.

Click over to the eDECORATING pages to see what the whole process looks like through my existing example and see what a detailed plan for your space would cost.

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