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DOUBLE DUTY: Bedroom & Home Gym — 4 Easy Ways to Make it Work Well

As if the calendar wasn’t enough, the scale confirmed it — the holidays are over.  Oy vey!  After Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s dinners, parties, and a week-long vacation, the dreaded “d” word (diet) and exercise routine are back on the schedule.  TV and radio advertisements are promoting health club memberships, diet plans, and health foods and the world…OK, probably just the US…is resolving to get back into shape and live a healthier lifestyle.  Myself included.

If you own any fitness equipment and do not have room to solely dedicate to a home gym, chances are that you struggle to make the treadmill or elliptical machine or even weight rack not stand out like a sore thumb.  Here are some easy to find and relatively inexpensive accents that can help you disguise the equipment, function well in both room modes, and look fabulous in the process.


Use a room screen to hide your large equipment.  I specifically recommend a mirrored room screen, as you can pull this out to use while doing weight training.  Not only will the mirrors help you adjust your form to avoid injuries, and can also create light in the areas where the equipment is, thus giving the illusion of more room.



A bench is something that is useful in any room — in a bedroom at the foot of the bed, along a table for additional seating, or under a window for a quiet reading area.  Use an upholstered variety  (like something in real or faux leather) that can be cleaned easily and is sturdy enough for dips, lying down for dumbbell presses, yet comfortable enough to take a break after your 45 minute run.



Your floors can take a beating with certain gym equipment.  Using a heavy-use area rug, like an indoor-outdoor sisal or even some low pile rugs such as berber, will help avoid getting dents in hardwood, chipped tile, or even stains from equipment lubricants.  Synthetic rugs are preferable as they will reduce the amount of static electricity which can cause some equipment to malfunction.  There are even natural cork rugs, which would be fantastic for their cushioning, anti-bacterial qualities, and low maintenance.



Obviously, the towel rack will hold your towel while you exercise.  But, it can also store exercise bands and tubing as well.  When not used for gym purposes, pull it out and use it as a magazine rack.

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