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Happy New Year | Forward this Picture


As people around the world are ushering in a new year, many are reflecting on the past and making goals for the future. What do you hope to accomplish in 2012?

Why not resolve to add spice and color to all parts of your life. Yes, that can mean literal color — paint a room a bright green or bring in a bold orange chair to liven up a bland room or just change the pillows on your sofa to something funky and fun. But adding color is an ATTITUDE and ACTION!

Maybe that’s taking a cooking class to get out of a mealtime rut. Maybe that’s adding a workout that incorporates a new approach, like running a 1/2 marathon or doing a triathlon. Or, how about bringing back “date night” once or twice a month to bring some spark back into your relationship. Whatever “adding color” looks like to you, take the leap and do it!!. You’ll not only have the sense of accomplishment of hard work paying off, but your life (and likely the life of those around you) will be richer as well.

So go forward boldly and courageously and take every advantage to live life to the fullest in 2012!

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