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Cool Bathroom Technology for Kids and Teens

If you have teenagers like me, it is sometimes hard to impress them with home improvement projects.  Unless it has slick bells-and-whistles, they’re likely not to notice subtleties like color, pattern and graceful form.

But throw in some funky lights, automation and rockin’ music, and then they’re engaged!

Kohler® has some super cool products for your kids’ bathroom that will surely make them more anxious to keep clean. (OK, that may be a stretch for 12 year-old boys, but we can try…)

1)   Moxie Showerhead with Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

Moxie Showerhead colors

No more blaring of obnoxious music from the vanity so everyone in the house can hear it!  Now kids (and parents) can pair their iPods or iPhones to a speaker that is in the shower with them!  These speakers come in a variety of bright, fun colors…as well as white…so each person in the family can have a speaker that is paired directly to their own device!  Plus, the speakers can also come with a dry dock for charging and listening to music outside of the shower.

Moxie showerhead 1Moxie Showerhead with speakerMoxie Rainhead with Bluetooth Speaker

The Moxie Showerhead comes in a standard spray head, and also a cool rain head!  You can get the Moxie in basic white/chrome for approximately $150.


2)   No Touch Flush Kit

Touchless flush

The cool factor here may be just what it takes to get your kids to actually FLUSH. THE. TOILET. ALREADY!

Touchless toilets have been standard in commercial bathrooms for quite some time, and residential options have been available at a premium price.  Now, there is a retrofit kit for most standard toilets for only about $75!

Touchless  flush diagram

A small plug covers that area where your current flushing handle goes, while a new flushing system is mounted under the lid (not compatible with dual flush, top-mount flush, pressure-assist or ballcock valve toilets).  Just wave your hand over the tank sensor to flush!  No handle to touch and transmit germs!


3)   Nightlight Toilet Seat

Nightlight Toilet Seat

Let’s get real.  Aiming issues can be a real problem for kids when there are  late night bathroom visits.  But who wants to turn on a bright bathroom light at 1 a.m.?

Nightlight Toilet Seat 2

These toilet seats have a subtle, blue ambient light at the back of the seat so it illuminates the tank with both the lid and seat down or up.  The battery-powered timer provides 7-hours of lighting for up to 6 months!

At around $65, these Quiet-Close ™ nightlight seats are a must have for families with small children.





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