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College dorms & apartments need style too…

It’s Back-To-School time! If you’re a big-box store, that means breaking out the brightly-colored plastic goods and cheap bedding for kids who are barely out of high school. But, being an adult sets in pretty quickly as you realize that you’re not in mom & dad’s home anymore…with all the “protect them from the world” that goes with it. That’s when tastes start to change and a more sophisticated decor is desired.

This week I’m going to give ideas to spruce up your dorm or apartment on a limited budget but with big time style. There will be several DIY projects, some neat products online or at local outlets, and general ideas that anybody can use.

Plus, if you’re signing a longer lease (2+ years) and want more of a look that will take you into your first home, consider eDECORATING! There are many ways that this design plan can be tailored to accommodate your building manager’s stipulations. As a matter of fact, the fact that you’re using a professional designer for your rental will only help their ability to rent it out when you move on to home ownership. Bonus!

You’re going to do great…both in your classes and in developing your own personal living space all on your own. I’m so glad I can be a part of it!

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