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BACK-TO-SCHOOL: Area rugs for the long haul

Maybe it’s a cold concrete dorm floor.  Or, perhaps a not-so-thoroughly-cleaned apartment carpet.  Either way, an area rug brings instant life to a room, as well as hiding less-than-perfect flooring.  Being in college, you’re bound to do a lot of entertaining and you need a rug that is going to stand up to a lot of traffic, be inexpensive, and clean easily.

Try looking for an indoor/outdoor rug instead!  These rugs are made to withstand heavy traffic (PARTY! PARTY!), varying conditions (Hey!  Who spilled the beer…uh…I mean…soda?) and can be cleaned usually with a hose and general cleaner (i.e. parents are on their way so you need to clean up fast!)  Plus, there are tons available in bright, colorfast patterns for really affordable prices, so you can take them with you from place to place, or change it out without feeling guilty.

The rug featured is from and is 4’x5’7″ and is only $55!  Cheap shipping, too!

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