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A free evening with design books

The boys have been deposited at camp and my husband and I are enjoying one of our favorite quiet night out locations: Barnes & Noble. Fresh reads, a cup of coffee, and no interruptions.

I’ve chosen up a few books from the Interior Design section and thought I’d share my thoughts on tonight’s picks.

“A perfectly kept house is the sign of a misspent life”, by Mary Randolph Carter. 2010

I wanted so badly to like this book based on the name because deep inside me, I want to believe it. But the orderly person inside me was quite distracted by the overlapping photos of cluttered rooms and disarrayed articles that it wore me out and I wanted to go clean something. However, I can completely respect the people featured because they truly LIVED in their homes and enjoyed the quirkiness and mish-mash of well loved keepsakes. There is something very comforting in the quaint and eclectic rooms, but personally I would implode with the unstructured look. I simply must keep my bed made and have clear spaces on my tables.


“Decorate”, by Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick. 2011

I can sum this up in two words: BOUGHT IT! Not only did I enjoy the large photos and varied designs, but each page offers tips and hints for making the most of your space and how to approach a room when deciding to make a change. You can expect to see some of the tips offered by various designers on my blog in the future! What super-sold me is photo of a ceiling-hung barn door that is used in lieu of a shower curtain. Genius!




“Designers Here and There”, by Michael Keith. 2010

It’s interesting to learn how these renowned decorators are inspired to create their designs, but let’s face it…we’re here for the pictures. This book doesn’t disappoint by giving a brief (1-page) synopsis on the designer, them lets the large, well-bordered photos speak for themselves.

Heavy in post-modern interiors, there’s some funky stuff in here (like an armless skirted ladies chair in blood red leather). Not feeling it. But, here and there I saw some elements that I could see in everyday, normal homes that aren’t out to make you go “Hmmm”. The elegant and ornate tree house is pretty awesome, though!

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