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eDECORATING or Design Time: Which is best for you?

Lately, I’ve had the same question come up from several new clients:

Which service is better for me, eDECORATING or traditional Interior Design?

What’s the biggest difference between the two?

In a nutshell, it comes down to how confident the homeowner feels about implementing the room’s new design, but here are some comparisons between the two:


If a client is really just looking for direction, but doesn’t mind putting the room together without my help in the end–either because they plan to take their time or they just like the act of shopping, painting, and adding the finishing touches, then eDECORATING is for them.  They’re not in it totally alone…I provide the roadmap of what to buy, where to place key pieces, and give general tips for accessorizing, but in the end, it’s them.  They are in control of the time frame and what is actually spent on items, all with knowing in advance what it will cost and that my fees are up front and will not be added to.


If a client is unsure about their style, needs someone to pick out specific items that require specific features (such as upholstered furniture or custom window treatments), wants more interaction with me through the purchasing process, and needs assistance in putting the room together in the end, then using the traditional interior design service is better.  I will be on-site to assist in decision making, bring fabric swatches and product samples to their house to view in their lighting and along side existing furniture.  The client will be billed at my hourly design time rate and the time spent together will develop a more harmonious design relationship.

Both services appeal to a wide variety of clientele from a dollars-and-cents perspective.  If open-ended design time seems intimidating and expensive, knowing up front what you’re spending on the eDECORATING design plan is great for budgeting.  And remember, if you purchase one bad sofa — and are stuck decorating around something you hate because it was a high-dollar expense — you could have saved money with using an eDECORATING plan.  Then, you would know that all furniture will coordinate in the end because the plan is made in advance, regardless of when you purchase it.  However, if you want to use my design expertise to complete a portion of a space or one aspect of the design, then hourly is better.

I hope this helps answer some of your questions on what service is best for you.  If you are within the Southwest Missouri area and choose to start with a one-hour design consultation, that amount will be credited to your eDECORATING plan if you then decide that the online plan is better suited for your project.  I will work with you to find which will be the most advantageous so you are fully satisfied with your home, as well as the designer experience.

Contact me for a consultation and we’ll discuss with plan is best for you!

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