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You have the freedom to create a beautiful home!

In honor of our Independence Day, know that you have the FREEDOM to:

• Use bold colors in unexpected places…paint a bathroom ceiling hot pink!

• Create new uses for ordinary items…make a side table out of a birdbath!

• Mix patterns within a room…create interest and variety by mixing floral and plaids!

• Choose accents that cross styles…put contemporary lamps with an antique sideboard!

• Use family photos as “art”…frame with large matting and complimentary frames!

• Repurpose rooms, renovate spaces, and reuse old furniture…use an enclosed patio as a warm weather bedroom!

• Select attractive accents that are within your budget…even if shopping at Walmart!

• Hire a designer and not break the bank…use eDECORATING for your next project!

–and most importantly–

• Stop and appreciate that this is an amazing country to live in and be thankful that we are able to choose our interior environments!


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