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When Buying Art, Remember Your Local Artists

I am a big proponent of shopping locally and with small independently owned businesses–whether it be for groceries, hardware, linens, or furniture.  The same thing goes for purchasing an original piece of art.

Many cities have ArtWalks or festivals that showcase local or juried artists.  There is a huge variety of original works during these events…oil paintings, watercolors, photography, sculpture…you name it.   In addition, you may actually get to meet with the artist, and that is a special treat.  Artists are very interesting people to know!  Some will even commission work if you have something specific you’re looking for.

While some price tags may seem steep compared to the factory-run production houses pumping out generic heartless works (can you see how I feel about this??), the satisfaction on knowing that you have a 100% original piece of art by a local artist is priceless.  Who knows…you may have just purchased the next Rembrandt or Picasso!

As the weather turns more pleasant, take a stroll through your small galleries, visit the local ArtWalks, or spend the day at a craft/art festival.  You’re sure to find that unique little something that will be just perfect in your room.

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