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IT’S MY 1-YEAR ANNIVERSARY! But I have a gift for YOU!

I can’t believe it’s been ONE YEAR since I set out on this adventure of being an independent interior designer!  And what a fantastic year it’s been!  I could not have anticipated just how successful this venture would be.  Thank you, thank you, thank you…for your support, your positive feedback, and your trust in me to be your designer. I’m getting choked up here… ;)

By adding the new eDECORATING service, we have received lots of publicity in local magazines and business publications, as well as new clients near and far.  The concept has been well received and great things are on the horizon for the future of this budget-friendly design plan option.

The traditional Interior Design area has gotten lots of opportunities as well, offering experience in a wide range of design styles.  Expect to see some stunning before-and-after photos in the future!

To celebrate…besides having a really nice dinner with my dear husband who has helped me immensely in getting this business up and running (he hosts and maintains my site and shopping cart with Cart32–which entails a lot of time since I’m not very fluent in that stuff)… I want to offer YOU a gift:

** You can redeem your plan now or later…whenever you’re ready to begin your home project **

I look forward to many more years of serving you, and hearing from YOU about what you would like in terms of service and this blog.  I love feedback and lots of friends on my Facebook page, so meet me over there for a more conversational discussion.

Thanks again for a wonderful year!

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