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Home Design Trends for 2012: Smarter, simpler, and more space conscious.

I get this question a lot, “What are you seeing as the trend in homes today?”  While current interior design trends are featured in numerous magazines, blogs and websites, it’s great to see projections on what we can see in in the home building market in the coming years.  Some of these 8 Influential Home Design Trends, which were featured on the incredible site, Houzz … can be incorporated into existing homes during a remodel, but like many things, it’s best to bring these trends (and I see them as being long lasting) in at the very beginning.

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) identified these eight trends through their “Best in American Living Awards (BALA)”.  I especially appreciate that these awards acknowledge that good design “is not and should not be limited to high-priced and custom homes.”

YES!  Finally!  This is precisely why my mission statement is “I believe EVERY home can be beautiful, regardless of size, style or budget.”

This slide show features photos of the BALA Award Winners’ interiors (and exteriors) which highlight the eight home design trends:

1. Classic, yet contemporary
2. Outdoor spaces as an extension of living space
3. Good, cost-effective design
4. The family triangle
5. Multigenerational living
6. Kitchen entertaining with a view
7. Green design elements that consumers understand and want
8. Less land development, more focus on multifamily

If you’re considering a remodel, are planning to build a new home, or are even preparing your home to sell….bookmark this page! Contact me for a consultation on how you can achieve more efficient use of space, materials, and function in your project!

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