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Hello, my name is Gina McMurtrey and I’m an Interior Designer that has a bedroom with no style.

Confession time. Sometimes interior designers get a creative block on their own homes.

This November will mark the 6th year in the dream home my husband and I built in on 10 acres in rural Southwest Missouri. In that time period, a lot of changes have happened with the living room, basement and even outside, but practically nothing has happened with our bedroom. It is nowhere near the tranquil sanctuary that I preach to my clients that it should be. What’s even worse is that I used to work for a bedding and bath store! Oh, the shame!!! After an attempt or two at determining where I want to go with it, I stood in my room and said out loud, “I just need a plan.”

Hello? Isn’t that what my new eDECORATING service provides? What about putting together an eDECORATING plan for myself, I thought. So, I am going to bring you along for my journey into a room remodel–on a budget and over an extended time period–because seriously…who ISN’T on a budget and with two middle-school boys in two different sports, it’s going to take some time.

In the next couple of weeks, you will see the process, the implementation, and hopefully some follow-through on DIYer’s interior plan for our sad, sad room. Maybe you’ll get some ideas of your own on the way. Stay tuned!

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