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Five Bold Color Palettes For Your Home Inspired By The Runway

Fashion and interior colors seem to trend along the same paths. Even in the wacky world of high fashion, unique color combinations can create stunning and brilliant home concepts. When a client can’t pinpoint their style, I often revert to their wardrobe. You typically load your clothing with colors that please your tastes, and those that compliment and flatter you when worn. Your home color scheme should compliment you visually and jive with your personality.

Bringing in bold color is intimidating and mixing somewhat random hues can seem risky. These five color palettes were inspired by the Spring 2011 Fashion Week. Once again, various shades of grey have taken the role of the dominate neutral while true black is more often paired simply with white or as an accent. Vibrant colors, rather than muted-down versions, are everywhere as people are looking for visual ways to pull themselves out of the depressing recession mindset. Colors found in nature are still huge and are moving from the browns and creams to the whole spectrum including pinks, purples, greens and blues found in the prairies, oceans, gardens and skies.

How can you incorporate bold colors in your house? Using these palettes as a guide, don’t forget that the inherent color to wood, metals, glass, and stone can take the place of paint in your color scheme, while their natural texture can add variety and interest.  What do you think of these fashion-inspired color combinations?

Pop Natural

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