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eDESIGN vs. Traditional Interior Design: Part 2 of 2

It’s time to expand to accommodate your growing family, redesign the bathroom for that period claw foot tub you always wanted, or update the look in your master suite.

You’ve decided that this is a process you’re not sure you can do completely on your own. Is it time to hire an interior designer? (Good question! Glad you asked.) Since I offer both traditional interior design services and eDESIGN, most ask which is the best option for their project.

This is part 2 of a 2 part series. In this installment, I am focusing on when you should use traditional interior design services.

Interior Design services encompass the whole of a space. This can include structural, electrical, plumbing, and space planning considerations, as well as finishing touches such as furniture, fixtures, wood or tile selection, and bedding and window treatments. Clients who want a more constant presence of the designer or who do not feel comfortable implementing any part of a design plan will use this form of design service.

When is traditional Interior Design the best option?

New Construction

New construction projects are fluid. Projects may require immediate attention and close communication between the homeowner, contractor and designer is essential throughout the project.

Remodel Projects With Extensive Changes

Structural changes often require on-site consideration by both contractor and designer. Any project that requires re-configuring plumbing, custom cabinetry or millwork, adding or removing walls, or specific electrical/HVAC changes will need to use traditional interior design services. Even some hard-surface changes may require a walk-through to ensure the home can withstand the changes without additional support needed.

The whole space was gutted for a completely new configuration.  eDESIGN would not have been a good option for this space due to the re-imagined shower and special plumbing needs for the freestanding tub.

Specific Furniture Needs or Window Treatments Are Necessary

Is the red in your rug more brick or burgundy? Due to a disparity between digital images and actual fabric or finishes, it is often best to present selections in person. On-site sampling is especially important with higher priced products or color coordinating with existing furniture.

This client needed an option for additional sleeping at her family retreat. The best choice was a custom Murphy bed, which was assembled on-site. See more of this project here.

murphy-bed-open-3   murphy-bed-closed3

With window treatments, 1/8” can make a difference between a shade fitting a frame or not, so professional measuring and installation is a must.

Client Needs Assistance During Implementation

Not everyone is a DIYer, either in skill or available time. We, as designers, have our own host of contractor & sub-contractor resources. We provide project management of a re-design to ensure the project is implemented properly and to warranty standards. Additionally, sometimes the project is detailed to the point that close supervision by the designer is necessary to ensure a particular aspect is installed correctly and to design specifications.


What projects are best for traditional interior design services?

  • Customized or Color-Sensitive Products Needed
  • Custom Window Treatments
  • Custom Cabinetry or Carpentry
  • Comprehensive Bathroom Remodel
  • Comprehensive Kitchen Remodel
  • Structural Changes (Fireplace Addition or Redesign, Adding/Removing Walls, etc)
  • Room Additions
  • New Construction
  • Projects That Require Project Management for Implementation


Feel that your project falls somewhere in the middle? We suggest our Designer-By-Your-Side Service

When clients contact us for their design projects, they have often found me via HOUZZ, through a local magazine article or via a referral from a previous client. However you found me, please contact me at, if you have any questions or would like to get started!

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