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DIY FRIDAY: Curtain Hacks


Store-bought curtain panels.

They do the job, are more affordable than custom, but honestly can be pretty boring.

You can easily add spice and personality to window treatments you picked up at the department or discount store with minimal expense and easily-found materials.

1) Glued-On Trim

With some Fabri-Tac (available at fabric stores and Walmart), glue thick rick-rack, ribbon, tassel or bouillion trim on the leading edge of your drapes.  The leading edge is the edges of the drapes that come together in the middle.

Or, if you have 8′ ceilings, buy much longer panels, fold over and press at the top to form a flap, and glue the trim along the seam for the pocket.  Then, hang with clip rings.


2) Iron-Adhered Accent Fabric 

Fuse-able webbing, in the form of tape or fabric, can be an easy way to bring in a colorful border fabric, applique’, or banding.

First, fuse the edges of the accent fabric down to form a clean edge.  Then, fuse the trim fabric to the curtain panel.  Voila!



3) Simple Straight-Line Sewing

If you have a sewing machine, or know someone that has the most basic of sewing skills (a.k.a. a middle school home-economics student), you can create color-blocked panels out of two different panels.

Choose panels that are the same width for the easiest hack.  Plus, if you’re selecting different types of material, make sure the heavier fabric is on the bottom.  Typically, the darker color appears more balanced when at the base of the panel as well.

Measure the length that you want your bottom color (add 5/8″ for the seam) and use a yard stick to draw and cut a straight line.  Then, lay this on top of the upper color, marking where they meet.  Again, add 5/8″ to this measurement, mark and cut.  Then, using a neutral thread, sew these two panels together and press to flatten the seam.

Here’s a handy video on learning how to sew a straight line.  It’s a good thing to know!


The biggest tip is to have fun with this!  Create your own look with buttons, flowers, beads…whatever reflects your style and personality.  Combine the above techniques to show just how good you are!

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