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A Dose of My Own Medicine–Part II: THE FINAL PRODUCT

My most recent client for an eDECORATING plan has been myself.  I just haven’t been able to put my mind together on where I wanted our master bedroom to go for nearly 6 years now, so an eDECORATING plan seemed appropriate.

In previous posts, we began this journey  of how an eDECORATING Plan works.

The first phase of any eDECORATING project is discovering that you need a plan.  I determined that I was getting nowhere picking up things here and there, returning them, selling others, and ending up frustrated because our room was so BLAH!

The second phase is purchasing and starting the online design questionnaire. In the previous “A Dose of my Own Medicine”, I showed a sad, beige-beige-beige photo of our bedroom.  I listed some strengths/weakness of the space, items that we are keeping, and where I hoped the room would go.

The last phase is receiving the eDECORATING Plan:  The Color Floorplan, Inspiration Board, Shopping Guide and Instructions/Advice.  After completing this process and showing it to my husband, he was much more excited about the prospect of updating our bedroom (i.e. spending a little money on it! HA!)  Sometimes when needing to get a spouse on board,  it helps to have a visual, a road map, and a little bit of cost structure when presented with a redecorating project.   Now we know what each phase of our implementation of the plan should cost (barring any sales, or “gotta have it!” changes) and can budget accordingly.

If you have a room in your home that has been frustrating you about how to make it the incredible space you desire, click here to begin your very own eDECORATING experience.  In about 2 weeks, YOU can have a professionally designed room that you can complete it in your time frame and according to your budget.



Each eDECORATING Plan will include a Color Inspiration Board, Detailed Color Floor Plan, Shopping Guide, and Instructions & Advice to help you implement your new professionally designed room!

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