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WELCOME TO SUMMER! Update your vacation home or condo on a budget!

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It’s officially summer today, although it has felt like it for quite some time here in my neck of the woods.  Every weekend I (am tormented by) enthusiastically view friends’ photos on Facebook of their lake adventures either on boats or at vacation cottages.  There’s still a lot of the warm weather left to enjoy these laid back retreats, and if you spend much time at your cabin, condo, or weekend home chances are there are things that you would like to update.

It is possible to have a professionally-designed plan, without the expense of inviting a designer to your private get-away.  eDECORATING will allow you to take photos and measurements at your leisure (perhaps during a pop-up rain shower…), submit a design questionnaire online, and receive a full plan for you to implement at your time and at your budget.  You can plug away at it during the summer while you’re there, or consider it an off-season project for next year’s visits.  Either way, the eDECORATING plan is a cost-effective way to achieve an overall game plan for you to use whenever you choose.

Color floor plans help you know that you can make the most of your space with the furniture you already have, or have room to bring in a new piece of furniture or two.  Color elevations of key areas will allow you to see what you can expect of your space once it’s all completed for those of you who have a hard time visualizing change or color.  Combining all of these with pricing on the comprehensive shopping list (which includes discount and big-box stores) makes eDECORATING very “husband-friendly.”  Pretty easy!

All of this without my setting foot in your home.  Although, I’d be open to a visit once it’s completed…but just for fun!

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