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Touch-Powered Faucets – Worth the Hype?

Like everything these days, there is always some new product that promises to deliver the world, and that our life will be forever changed after we have it.

When touch-powered faucets were introduced in the market in 2008, that was the feeling of many people out there — “Here comes another product that we don’t need.” But does this line of thinking still hold value today?

The answer is a big NO! Touch faucets are here to stay and to take over traditional manual faucets. How can I say this so confidently? Well, I am a believer!

I the past I had suggested touch faucets to my clients, and even purchased them for different projects, under the pretense that they were the newest technology in the market. My clients that were technology inclined were quick to accept the recommendation. Others not so much, and I was okay with that.

Almost 2 years ago, when I was remodeling my own home, it was time to select the faucet. My tech-junkie of a husband was attracted to the technology. I was neutral. After all, I had been opening and closing my own faucet since I could remember. What could be so revolutionary about a touch activated faucet?

I decided to go for it, just because it sounded cool, plain and simple. Well, my friends, after a week of using it, I had been converted! The simplicity and convenience of just one touch is remarkable. The ability to forgo opening and closing the handle makes my kitchen, and me, so much more efficient.

The hygienic benefits are amazing as well. You know that moment where you just touched raw chicken, and your hands are covered with raw chicken juice? If you cook I know that you’ve been there! Do you know how much better is to just use your arm to touch the faucet and easily wash your hands? That’s what I call life changing! Not to mention this COVID pandemic that has us rethinking and improving hygiene all together.

But I can tell you that the biggest reason I love my touch activated faucet is for one reason and one reason only: KIDS!! All the messy, glitter, slime, potty-training covered hands are now not a big deal. I know that my faucet is not going to constantly be dirty and filled with germs.

I now recommend touch faucets not only in the kitchen, where it all begun, but specially in bathrooms. Talk about keeping it clean! So it is worth the hype? Yes it is! It’s not worth the hype but it is also worth every penny!

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