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The one thing that every living room needs…

Where is Jack Palance when I need him?  Can’t you just hear him doing the voice over: “There’s one thing that every living room needs…one thing.”

So what is that one thing?

If there’s something that I recommend for nearly all of my clients who are redecorating… whether it be a living room, den, or even bedroom…it’s an upholstered ottoman.

Upholstered ottomans are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture that you can place in your room.  When taking the place of a standard coffee table, the ottoman serves that purpose, but provides additional seating when necessary (which is a very common problem!)  Add a large tray and you can easily set drinks and decor and still have room to kick back on your sofa with your feet propped up, all without the worries of marring the woodwork as you would on a coffee table.  Pair small square or round ottomans for even more flexibility as they can be moved easily when needed for perimeter seating or as a table for a laptop.

When possible, incorporate storage into your ottoman.  There are so many options out there — cubes, barrels, and large storage ottomans that come in fabric, leather or a combination.  Store your throw blankets, kids toys, games or paper airplanes (if you’re in my house!)

Have fun with your ottoman fabric, too!  This is a great opportunity to show some personality without a huge investment.  Target has some really cute, bright round ottomans for an affordable price and they’re the perfect size for a small room.

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