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This airy living room was conceived around the homeowners love of art and nature. A palette derived from sea and sand, natural elements were brought in both literally and figuratively.

Warm wood and earthen accents are countered by sleek, modern accent chairs. The embroidered linen draperies draw the eye up and serve as a dramatic backdrop to the serene conversation area. Oversized mirrors transfer the ambient light throughout the room.

The centerpiece of the room is a silk and copper aerial sculpture by artist Jan R. Carson ( that is accented by a halogen spotlight. The lighting casts an ever-changing shadow, creating life and whimsy to the room. The homeowners have even been known to move the furniture back, spotlight the mobile, and use the room as a salsa dance floor!

A reclaimed hand-carved door was repurposed as a coffee table. Modern elements such as the lucite “Ghost” chair, the Gus® rocker, and impressionist original oil painting balance out the rustic elements of the room.

Living Area Testimonials

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