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Creative & Unique Lamps Made From Favorite Toys

I love creative, out-of-the-box thinking.  I also love meaningful accessories, like art and sculpture and (tasteful) memorabilia.  This company has managed to combine all these things into one of the neatest original lighting ideas I’ve seen for a while.

Featured on Freshome, Evil Robot Designs has taken common playthings and transformed them into sculptural lamp bases.  Even grown-ups can appreciate their favorite movie and cartoon characters when configured in a modern, monochromatic, high-gloss art way.  Evil Robot Designs has taken action figures from popular movies such as The Matrix, Shrek, Star Wars and many others.  Plus you can commission them to incorporate your favorite toys into a one-of-a kind lamp.

Check out some of their amazing work:

What would your lamp look like?  I once knew a little boy (now my 15 year old son) would would have loved an Army Man lamp.  Who knows…he still might!

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