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My wife and I bought a new house that needed some updating. Gina was able to design a concept that worked well with the house. She oversaw the whole process from demo to move in day. We are so very pleased and would use her again, so we did…..

I contacted Gina about doing a larger project for our church foyer and she ran with it. Gina met with several committees and leaders and really listened to how the the foyer was used. She even came on several sight visits to watch the space in use. She then came up with a plan that would incorporate some existing elements but made them better. Her plan included several concepts on how to more efficiently and effectively use the space. With how the space is used throughout the week, I thought for sure we would experience so many delays in order to accommodate the churches schedule. However, that was not the case, every one worked together and the project was finished on time. Now the space is more inviting and functional and looks amazing!!!

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