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This 1950’s home was chopped up with the segmented rooms of the period. The front of the house had two living spaces, separated by a wall with a door opening, and the long-skinny hearth area was difficult to arrange. The kitchen had been remodeled at some point, but was still dated. The homeowners wanted more space, more light, and more MODERN. So we delivered.

We pulled off paneling, knocked out the walls and added a beam to open up the three spaces. Luxury vinyl tile in a warm, matte black set the base for the space, with light grey walls and a mid-grey ceiling. The fireplace was totally revamped and clad in cut-face black stone.

The homeowners’ cats were also taken into consideration for this project. We created a “cat cabinet” on the end of their side cabinetry, with a toe-kick entry. The homeowners also have a large portion of a tree in the den area as a cat habitat. This was recovered from their yard in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Cabinetry and built-ins in clear-coated maple add the mid-century vibe, as dos the furnishings. And the geometric backsplash was the starting inspiration for everything. Black granite was combined with stainless steel for the countertops for a sleek look.

We’ll let you just peruse the photos now, with before photos at the end, to see just how dramatic the results were!

DESIGNER: Gina McMurtrey


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