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Designed by Fernanda Edwards

In this primary bathroom, the lighting scheme was key to achieve the client’s goals and create a space where the client would enjoy being. The bathroom felt cramped, dark, visually heavy. The client was also claustrophobic, making the use of the space uncomfortable.
The goal was to transform this space into a relaxed modern spa-like atmosphere, rethink and simplify the floorplan avoiding visual clutter, access natural light, add efficient lighting, and create more visual space.
The lighting plan was crucial to increase visual space. My first thought was to add a skylight to access natural light that is so effective in enlarging the feel of a space.
After looking at the attic and roof lines it became clear that this was not an option. After some research I found the perfect solution: a smart light fixture that mimics a window. It is installed between studs or ceiling joists. The fixture replicates the light of the sun during the day. It goes from soft morning light – to bright noon – to soft dawn light. By recessing the fixture into the ceiling, the skylight-look and extra height was achieved.
The benefits of this light go beyond beautiful design. The fixture is sustainable, energy efficient, and made to last for decades. It regulates the body’s circadian rhythm, helping against sleeping problems and seasonal affective disorder. It also integrates biophilic design, creating connections to nature and benefiting people that spend hours indoors.
The use of mood lighting was also key, creating a cozy, welcoming feel to this home-spa. All the lights are dimmable, and plenty of indirect light sources, like the gorgeous vanity pendants and LED mirrors, create the perfect setting. Not forgetting to mention the soft curves of the bathtub chandelier. This is the perfect place to relax in the bubbly bathtub!

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