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I’ve never used a designer before.  What is the process of hiring you?

We start nearly all of our projects with an in-home consultation (with the exception of eDESIGN Plans.)  This allows us to see your space and have a more accurate understanding of what the project might entail and potential issues that might need to addressed.  It also helps us know what you like and don’t like, what you’ll keep and what you’ll need.  But most of all, it helps us get to know each other better! The design process is a close relationship that relies on good communication and trust, and we want to make sure you are comfortable with us before we begin!

How do I make an appointment?

We have an online scheduling site that makes it easy for you to find a date and a time that works best for you.  Click here to schedule.

How do you charge?

We will start with a 1 ½ Hour In-Home Consultation and that is due at the time of service.  We will then draw up a contract for the project and collect a retainer for design time prior to starting the initial design.  Once the retainer is exhausted in hours spent, we will begin billing for design time every two weeks (don’t worry…we’ll let you know where we are along the way!)  If the retainer is not exhausted during the planning phase, the remainder will be used for products purchased.

Can I pay you online with a credit card or via direct deposit?

Yes!  We accept direct deposit through our QuickBooks invoicing, as well as payments via app.  We also can take all types of credit cards through our online portal.  However, we will need to pass along our credit card processing fees.

What is the difference between traditional interior design services and eDESIGN?

Traditional Interior Design services are those where the designer is involved in every stage of the process, from the first planning to the final implementation of the project.  We manage the arrangements of ordering, warehousing, delivery, organization of the trades, budgeting, problem solving and final cleaning (just to name a few!)…saving you precious time and ensuring the final outcome is exactly how it is supposed to be.
eDESIGN is a DIY-focused decorating package at a very friendly price point. These plans offer the option of “sweat-equity” in your design implementation.  Available completely online, you provide photos, drawings and answer a design questionnaire and we translate that into 3D drawings and a shopping list for you to use at your own pace.  If you have a handy group of friends or family and time to spare, this is the option for you!”

Can you tell me how much my project is going to cost?

Short answer: we will do our best.  Long answer: The cost of a project is complicated in that a number of factors can affect that number greatly.  Some things can be estimated fairly easily (like products), but labor costs and costs associated with issues below the surface can make the bottom line move quickly!  We will, however, have an honest discussion about realistic budgets based on your desires and work to make sure you can achieve your goals within those boundaries.

Do you have a contractor or installers?

We have assembled a talented and trustworthy team of contractors, subcontractors, vendors and suppliers to achieve a quality end result.  We are very picky about who we use and are careful to resource people who will be respectful of you, your home, your budget and design goals.

Can I have a “big reveal” like on HGTV?

Sure…if you are willing to live outside of your home during the entire project!

Seriously, though…be careful of expecting the same timeframe, project cost, and perceived experience that is shown on any television show.  Remember—these productions are for entertainment purposes and many, many steps and complicated scenarios are not shown.  We will discuss the realities of your project at our consultation so you can have an accurate understanding of what to expect.”

What is your favorite type of design?

That’s a good question!  One of the reasons I love what I do is that I can explore many different design types (without them all being in my own home!)  I particularly like a no-fuss aesthetic.  That can cross most design styles.  My philosophy of how a space is organized is taken from my experience as a graphic designer.  I use the same principles of content, balance and scale and put them in the 3-dimensional space that is your home.  I implement a “Function First, Form Second” approach for any project.